How On Demand Storage Works

Simplify Your Storage Needs


Sign up and choose the number of bins you need.
We will deliver them at your doorstep at the scheduled time.
Our bins are 27 x 17 x 12 and can hold up to 50kg
of items so there is plenty of space!


Pack up your items small, large or bulky at your own pace.
Take photos of your items in the bins and upload to your account
so that you can request them at any time.
Schedule your pick up.

Blue bins and moving truck


We value your items as if they were our own.
You can feel at ease, knowing that all of our bins are stored in
secured, high-tech Simplify Valet storage facilities
with top of the line climate-control.

Hands Exchanging the Simplify Bins


Do you need your items back?
Your bins can be returned within 3 hours.
Or schedule a drop off.

Popular FAQs

What is Simplify Valet Storage?

Simplify Valet Storage is a valet storage service. We pick up, store and return your belongings within the five boroughs of New York City. Our service is customizable, with several storage options to meet your specific needs. We provide bin storage, bulky item storage and full unit storage all at an affordable price. 

How does Simplify Storage work?

We make self-storage easier by bringing the storage unit to you. Schedule an appointment, the driver will drop off empty bins, you pack them and upload pictures to your online account.

When you’re ready, we come by to pick them up and store them in our facility. You can track what you have stored online via your account and when you want your items back, we’ll return them within 3 hours* of your request.

*3Hour turnaround subject to availability

How do I know how many bins I need?

Each bin measures 27in x 17in x 12in (3 cubic feet). We only charge you for the bins you use. So if you are unsure, go ahead and order additional bins as you will only be charged for the bins you store.

If you have packed your bins and still need more, just give us a call or order online and we’ll send you more empty bins for you to store your items.

Where are my items stored?

We store all items in our state-of-the-art secured storage facility in Long Island City. The facility is climate controlled, monitored 24/7, pest free and equipped with the latest in fire-prevention and sprinkler systems.

How do I schedule a return delivery of my items?

Simple! In just three easy steps you can have your items returned. Just log in to your account and go to “Items in Storage”, select the items you want back and click on “Schedule Delivery”.

What are your pickup and delivery fees?

Our initial drop off and pick up of your bins and items is free. Any additional drop-offs/pick-ups of bins (empty or full) is a $20 flat fee (i.e requesting bins back).

How much do your bins cost?

Our bins are not for sale. You can keep empty bins for up to 7 days, after which you will be charged $5/day. If empty bins are not returned, we’ll charge you $50/bin in your possession, as well as a one off fee of $20 for the delivery of those bins to you.

Are my items insured?

Currently we do not provide insurance for your items. However, we recommend you organize the appropriate insurance coverage under your current homeowners policy to ensure your items are protected.

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