Packing Tips & Tricks


Prior to putting your items in our bins please ensure all items are dry. This prevents your items from getting ruined by environmental pests such as mold and mildew.

Do not over-pack your bins. This can cause fragile items to break and other items to misshapen such as leather goods.

To get the most out of your bins, remember to pack smart.

  1. Roll Your Clothes. This allows for lots of extra room in your bins.
  2. Condense Bulky Items. For any bulky items such as mattress covers, duvets, pillows…etc. It is recommended to use a vacuum seal to best utilize space. Vacuum seals help compress the size of large items without causing any permanent damage.
  3. Use your shoes. When storing shoes, utilize all the empty space by stuffing your shoes with clothing items that may fit such as socks, t-shirts, underwear. This can also help your shoes keep its shape.
  4. Use our Photo Feature. Don’t forget to take advantage of our photo feature. You can take photographs of what’s in each bin and upload it to your account. This way you never lose track of your items.




If in need of unit spacing and unsure which size is best for you (5x5x8 or 5x10x8). Please feel free to give us a call at 888-522-2330 or use our contact us page on the right-hand side. We can guide you over the phone or schedule one of our drivers to make an assessment of your items to get spacing that will best suit you.

Below are a few tips and trick to utilize your space to the best of your ability:

  1. It is recommended to wrap all furniture items to protect them during transit to your unit space. This can easily be done with shrink wrap to prevent any items from being damaged. Don’t have time to wrap, no worries we can wrap furniture for you for a flat fee.
  2. If using your own storage boxes, be sure to view our list below on how to best pack your fragile items.
  3. Get a combo plan. The best part of Simplify Valet Storage is you don’t have to only stick with just one option. Our bin options allow you to best use your storage space as bins are stored at a separate location in our storage facility. This allows you more room in your storage unit and helps you make more space in your home.



It is important to ensure all fragile items are properly protected. Simplify Valet Storage is not responsible for any items damaged during transit or while your items are stored in our facility.

Below is the recommended procedure to protect your fragile items:

  1. Please wrap all fragile items in paper, afterwards apply a second layer of bubble wrap.
  2. All fragile items should be packed and stored together in the same container.
  3. Any empty spaces in the containers should be filled with Styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap to avoid any shifting of your items.
  4. Please notify our drivers of any containers considered fragile.

Contact us today by calling 888-522-2330 or fill out our contact form here to find out more about our NYC valet storage service.

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